Useful Information

Support for Parents

The British Dyslexia Association

Support for parents and see dyslexia differently resource


Explanation of dyslexia and free resources

Made by dyslexia

Inspiring videos and resources about dyslexia.

Helen Arkell Dyslexia Charity

Help and support for parents and teachers

Dyslexia the Gift

Technology to assist people with dyslexia

Parent Champions

A guide for parents, carers and young people

The Invisible Gift

Podcasts and support from a range of people with neurodiversity.

Ted Talk What is dyslexia?

5 minutes and very useful to watch together.

Technology Support

Call Scotland

List of  Ipad apps which can support people with dyslexia

Open Dyslexia

Free dyslexic friendly font


Studying with Dyslexia

Ideas and resources


Dyslexia Assist

Support for parents with ideas and resources

University Support

Disability Students Allowance (DSA)

Government information on the Disabled Student Allowance


Information about the DSA process